Party Menu

    • Menu I

      NOK 495

    • Appetizer

      Shrimps gratinated in garlic butter.

    • Main Course

      Veal entrecôte
      From our own tenderizing room, grilled slowly with root vegetables, creamed potatoes and a red wine broth.

    • Dessert

      Cappucino ice cream with Irish Cream.

    • Menu II

      NOK 445

    • Appetizer

      Chicken Teriyaki.

    • Main Course

      Oven baked cod fillet.
      With fresh vegetables, red wine sauce and amadine potatoes.

    • Dessert


    • Party Buffet

      We have 2 different versions of our popular party buffet. Includes complimentary creamed potatoes and pepper sauce served at the table. For NOK 64 per person we will also serve fried onion rings, mushroom stew and gratinated broccoli.

    • Beef sirloin

      NOK 319

      7 oz. grilled beef sirloin with sweetcorn, pan fried potatoes and bérnaise sauce.

    • Beef tenderloin

      NOK 358

      7 oz. grilled beef tenderloin with sweetcorn, pan fried potatoes and bérnaise sauce.

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